Monday, 20 January 2014

Eccles Cakes - my first attempts

Having watched the Great British Bake off for Sports Relief, I was inspired to make some eccles cakes.
I haven't made puff pastry since I was at Queen Margaret College which was years ago but I must have been taught well as the folding and resting procedure all came back to me - so I had no problem with the pastry,  however..... I made the fatal mistake of putting the nicely formed eccles cakes in the oven at 220, putting on the timer then leaving the kitchen!! I should know better.

Coming back 5 minutes too late, the butter had melted and run out into the oven and started to smoke. The eccles cakes were very overbaked (the 2 on the left handside of the picture)

Fortunately I had planned to bake the cakes in two batches so I turned my oven down very slightly, put in the second batch and stood and watched them - this is the result - not perfect and I'm not sure why the filling leaked out,  but a fair attempt.

 Like so many things baking improves with practice.

Have you made eccles cakes before? I would be interested to know how you got on.